Being a mentor reinforces the industry by maintaining the integrity of professional photography.  Being a mentor provides opportunities for future collaboration, expands the professional network, and can lead to collaboration opportunities in the future. Also, mentorships solidify legacies and enable photographers to continue the art of photography and preserve the advancements in the field. As mentors teach, mentees learn valuable knowledge that can then be passed on to the next generation of photographers.  The relationships built through mentoring are beneficial for all parties and can last a lifetime.

About NJ

NJ Stevenson

Processes & Workflows, Lighting, Posing and INpowerment Mindset

Dallas, TX


About Jasmine

Jasmine Newton

Mindset, Pricing, Creating your client experience

Knoxville, TN


About Tyson

Tyson Pough

Off Camera Flash, Pricing, Photography 101

Dallas, Texas


About Crystal

Crystal Byrd Uqdah

Photography & Studio Basics, Goals, Business Strategy, Marketing & Branding



About Christa

Christa Dickson

Attracting raving fans/, Picturing Profits Strategy (how to get paid), Mindset

Cincinnati, Ohio


About Dana

Dana Cole

Lighting , Business/ Marketing Strategy Commerical Licensing & Pricing

Oslo, Norway


About Kamia

Kamia McWilliams

Branding, Retouching & Lighting

Fitzgerald, Georgia