The Goals That Drive Us

The purpose of the Vision Conference is to collectively inspire and improve our craftsmanship, educate and empower our fellow sisters in photography on industry standards and new trends, provide supportive tools and information on how to balance home and work life, increase our global numbers and impact, and to be publicly recognized and respected as a source for professional, high quality work.

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Empowering Our Voice Through Our Vision

The Vision Conference was created to represent the voice of Black Female Photographers in the industry, while simultaneously being empowered, sharing collective knowledge, and expanding strong networks. This conference speaks to like-minded photographers, from the novice to the professional, who are ready to change the face of the industry so it more accurately represents the diversity, innovation, and creativity of all photographers and includes a piece of our stories in all of our images across every genre.

The Vision Conference will provide quality education and hands-on experience that not only improves the craft of each person in attendance but also recognizes Black female photographers as a trusted voice of knowledge.

The Vision Conference should leave everyone feeling motivated, encouraged, and empowered to be dynamic photographers and business owners. This is a time to strengthen our voices, contribute to our industry and history, break down barriers and lines of thought that would deprive our industry and the world of real growth. We welcome you to be changed along with us as we work to raise our voices to further our vision

2017 Vision | Dallas Tx

Our Staff members all benefit from equity stakes in Avada Classic by default as a part of their employment contract. We believe in a happy and rewarded workforce.

Our First Inguaral Vision Conference happened in Dallas, Texas | October 15-17,2017

2018 Vision | Atlanta GA.

2020 Vision | Virtual

2020 was an interesting year! Due to COVID19. We did not want to cancel at all but we missed the opportunity to be in each other company. 

2021 Vision | COMING SOON

We are looking for committee members and speakers!


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